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That awkward moment when your boyfriend can hit the highest note in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and the lowest note in the same, but thinks musicals are “gay “. (Note: gay apparently means sucky :/ ?)

My kin!

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Anonymous Asked:
I sent this months ago. I failed my audition. Thanks for nothing.

My answer:

I know, I’ve not been on for a long time. I’m sorry you failed your audition, but as I don’t know you it would have been hard for me to pluck a monologue out of thin air without knowing a bit about your strengths and preferences first. I’ve failed many auditions throughout my life and I’m sure if I’d relied on the help of someone I’d never met to send me potential speeches I’d have failed many more. I wish you all the best with your future career. Failing an audition rarely means a lack of talent, just a lack of the right credentials for the part or position. It also doesn’t mean that I made you fail just because I was too snowed under with work to answer your demand. You were perfectly capable of finding a piece yourself, just as most other actors do. I’m just sorry I wasn’t around to give you a hand.

Anonymous Asked:
Do you have any good monologues for a female aged 17? Something contemporary and about one minute long? Not too dramatic or a comical.

My answer:

Hey, so so sorry I haven’t replied to this yet! I’ve been extremely busy with my job and working on a new play. Do you have a deadline for this? There are so few readily-available good monologues for girls in their late teens that it’s taking me a long time to find something!

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…So I just had a painful and subtly pornographic evening…

I don’t know whether I’m still alive but I’m pretty sure Sean T just tried to murder me.

Also, Rafiki’s a little c**t. “He’s alive! Psych, he’s dead just like you thought.” It’s his fucking DAD you twat!

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I wanna hear more about teen floppy mohican Simba. Bet he was proper chill.

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